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Ever wonder why it costs what it does for a good logo?
Check out this great video to see a logo design process.

Live Logo Development by Brian White of TriLion Studios from Brian White on Vimeo.

Hands down, the funniest interaction between a Graphic Designer and his “client”.
Must read.

Black in the Visual Arts by Paul Rand

By Aziz Ali on May 19, 2011
“Starbucks’ new logo has virtually erased all references to coffee and it’s name. IBM has a logo that is almost transparent. Visual artist-turned marketing researcher Henrik Hagtvedt surveyed 500 people by exposing them to a sequence of logos where either the name of the company or portions of the logo design were removed. His research uncovered that “incompleteness” has contradictory effects on consumer perception…”

Awesome Beer Label Designs

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